Teahouse Inn aims to be an establishment integral to the neighborhood.
The community is part of the enjoyment of your stay.

Of the areas of interest to travellers, the area around Kaminarimon Gate is considered the entrance to Asakusa. The teahouse inn is located in what is considered the back of Asakusa, behind the temple and where one can go deep into old town culture. Just a stroll around, and you can feel what it is like to live in this area steeped in history and culture. You may be able to get a glance at a geisha as she hurries to the next banquet house where she is scheduled to perform.

Deep into Asakusa history

Enjoying night time Asakusa

Visitors to Asakusa remark on its charm. Its long history as one of the designated geisha districts can be seen in place even today. If you are lucky, you may be able to catch a glimpse at a geisha on her way to her lessons. And at night, the neighborhood changes dramatically as neighborhood establishments vie for a potential client’s attention.

A new variety of features added to the appeal of this area

A leisurely stroll will acquaint you with the appeal of this area. In contrast to the bustling activity at the front of the temple, you will find a more relaxed pace. Newly opened cafes, and little shops are fun to explore in our corner away from the crowds.

Our teahouse inn is connected to the local community

This inn was built on the land which was once a traditional Japanese restaurant and banquet house. Though the building has changed, we continue to be the same; actively involved in the community. We hope to share that joy with you too. We are constantly collecting local information, and hope to be able to meet your needs and guide you according to your whims. Feel free to express to us your interests.

Enjoy a stroll in a Yukata robe

Being in the moment, you will surely find small alleys and byways in which you would like to be photographed. There is no need to rent a kimono in order to enjoy becoming part of the neighborhood. You can use one of our own design.

Open to local experiences

Being open to and enjoying new possibilities is the greatest joy of a good trip. Getting to know new people and sharing ideas, broadening one’s perspective are all something we know will enrich your visit. We, hope to be able to facilitate that important part of your stay as well.

Local places of interest

Of course, nearby, there are the famous places which make all the guide books, and then there are places which are loved by and only known to the locals. We are happy to share our knowledge.

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