It is our desire is to enrich your experience from hello to goodbye.

This teahouse inn is steeped in Japanese tea culture. It plays on the senses, and envelops the traveller in an environment of relaxation and interest. Each element exists for your enjoyment. A mossy garden leads you to the entrance lounge, and the welcoming staff’s attentive care.

Enjoying a teahouse inn.

The garden

As the prologue to your experience, the entrance’s moss garden beckons. Each moment is heightened as you pass from the everyday to the unique world of the tea room inn. You can feel the philosophy of tea as you walk through the entrance path.

Settle in at the lobby

During the Edo period, it was customary, almost a ritual, for travelers to remove their footwear at the entrance of an inn and wash their feet in warm water. It was an excellent way to wash away the cares of the journey, and refresh one’s body and mind. We recommend this as a way to separate yourself from the cares of the world, and cross the threshold into a new experience.

Experience a Japanese lifestyle in your room

To be wrapped in the minimal characteristic of the Japanese interior is, in a way, like returning to the womb. Setting out the futon bedding creates a bedroom, putting it away creates a living room. folding screens and sliding doors help to define space, or change them. Even subtle changes to the arrangement of furniture can affect how the room is used and enjoyed. Notice how a rock arrangement, or the play of light can create the impression of expansiveness in the room.

Hospitality in close connection to the neighborhood

The staff, all local residents, share in the neighborhood culture. As they endeavor to meet your needs, they hope to extend to your their love of Asakusa. Join them, and other guests, at the lounge. It is the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day with a little sake and pleasant conversation.

Viewing the town from the outdoor bath

Blurring the distinction between outside and inside is typical of Japanese architecture. You can reserve time in the rooftop bath. Experience the seasons in the garden where you can feel at one with nature and the sky.

Cyasitu Nigou

Dinner course of sukiyaki and small bowl sushi

Dinner course is served in another building in the Asakusa area of "Cyashitsu Nigou“.You can see the Sky Tree there.
In this plan, you can enjoy two types of sukiyaki with the finest Matsusaka beef ordered from Mie Prefecture, and also enjoy small sushi in a small bowl.
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