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Hotel Policy & Rules
We hope that you will enjoy your stay and make full use of our facilities. Hotel guests are kindly requested to observe the rules, outlined in Article 10 of the Accommodation Contract, so that their stay will be comfortable and safe. If guests do not observe these rules,the Hotel will be obliged to cancel their accommodations and the related contract as specified in Article
For Personal Safety
  1. Please refrain from using any electrical appliances such as heaters, cooking appliances or irons that could cause a fire.
  2. The use of fire such as candles and incense is not allowed at this hotel for fire prevention.
  3. Please refrain from any other acts that could cause a fire in your room or anywhere in the Hotel. Smoking is not allowed inside the hotel, at the guest room terraces, in the lounge, in the front garden, and on the front road. If you are found smoking, you will pay 10,000 yen or actual costs if it costs more than 10,000 yen for special cleaning expenses.
  4. Please review the emergency exit instructions posted on the inside of the guest room and locate the emergency exits on your floor promptly upon your arrival.
  5. Please remember to carry your key with you any time you leave your room.
  6. Please make sure your door is locked when you leave your room. Please be sure to use the door latch whenever you stay in the guest room, particularly at night.
  7. Please refrain from holding meetings with visitors in your room.
  8. Please refrain from inviting outside visitors to your room.
  9. The rooms are cleaned every day whether you stay two or more nights. Although the bedclothes such as sheets are not exchanged during your stay in principle, they will be exchanged subject to your wishes. If you don’t need cleaning, please let us know. In order to maintain hygiene standards, even in cases where customers request that we do not clean their room, we will clean every 3 days at the least. However, the hotel retains the right to clean at any time deemed necessary.
  10. We reject the use of our hotel by members of any gang or extremists. Even after a reservation has been made or during a Guest’s stay, if the Guest is found to be a member of a gang or an extremist, the Guest will be asked to leave the Hotel immediately.
  11. Since cyashitsu ryokan asakusa is a registered hotel without sufficient space for full accessibility, we unfortunately cannot accept guests in wheelchairs. Thank you for your understanding.
Valuables and items Deposited with the Hotel
  1. Safety deposit boxes for money and valuables are available free of charge in guest rooms and at the Front Desk. The Hotel will not be liable for the loss or theft of money or valuables. However, the Hotel shall compensate the Guest for damages when loss, breakage, or other damages is caused through intention or negligence on the part of the Hotel. However, the Hotel cannot accept the following articles for safekeeping.
    1. Articles of uncertain value, including works of art and antiques;
    2. Equipment with data recording devices, such as personal computers and cellular phones;
    3. Items related to personal information, such as customer name records.
Regarding Payment for Services
  1. You will pay by the payment method stipulated by the hotel. Please pay your bills whenever requested by the Front Desk while staying at the Hotel. All bills are due upon demand.
  2. When a guest wishes to prolong his/her registered departure date, prior notice should be given to the Front Desk. If an extension of stay is possible, settlement of past due accounts shall be required.
  3. Payment should be settled at the Front Desk upon check-in or as requested by the Front Desk.
  4. Airline, train and bus tickets, taxi coupons, or items and services purchased in the Hotel stores or other facilities cannot be added to your hotel bill.
Your Cooperation is Requested
  1. Please do not bring onto the premises of the Hotel any of the following:
    1. Animals or birds of any kind, except service dogs;
    2. Gunpowder, oils or other explosives or inflammables;
    3. Objects emitting a foul odor;
    4. Unregistered firearms or swords;
    5. Objects of an unusually large size or in unusually large quantities; and
    6. Illegal drugs or other articles, the possession of which is prohibited by the laws of Japan.
  2. Gambling or other acts that are contrary to good morals or that cause an annoyance are strictly prohibited.
  3. The rooms or lobby of the Hotel may not be used for any business purposes, or for any purpose apart from accommodation, without the express permission of the Hotel.
  4. Please do not hang any items or objects whatsoever from the windows of your guest room.
  5. The distribution or display of advertisements and the sale of goods on the premises of the Hotel are prohibited without prior written authorization.
  6. Please refrain from using equipment or fixtures for purposes other than those intended. Please do not remove or alter any equipment or fixtures of the Hotel.
  7. You are reminded that unauthorized publication for business purposes of photographs taken on the premises of the Hotel may be subject to legal action.
  8. Please do not place any personal or Hotel belongings in the lobby or passageways of the Hotel.
  9. Except in emergency situations, please refrain from using the emergency staircases, going up to the roof or entering areas where there is machinery, areas where Hotel property is stored or other areas where guests and visitors are not permitted.
  10. You will be charged for any damage to the Hotel’s property caused by you or by your guests.
  11. It is strictly forbidden that bleaching and coloring of hair in all common and private bathroom.
  12. When you are in a state of inebriation due to excess alcohol intake or we judge it will be dangerous, you may not be allowed to use the open-air bath.
  13. This hotel is situated in a residential area. Please refrain from talking loudly or speaking on mobile phones inside the hotel, at the guest room terraces, in the lounge, in the front garden, and on the front road. Also, please note that when there is a complaint from the neighbors, you must stop it immediately.
  14. The hotel refuses to accommodate unaccompanied children under 18. Thank you for your understanding.
  15. It is not allowed to bring food and drinks to the lounge.

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