Valuing the opportunities of the moment is an important part of our concept.

This is the only hotel with the concept of Cyashitsu ryokan asakusa. Just as the traditional ryokan inn, we do our best to serve your needs. The tea esthetic can be seen in the stone path, lobby and entries. Experience your separation from the everyday to this unique environment. We hope you will be able to meeting new people and having new experiences.

Tea room style

Enter into the extraordinary

As with all tea houses, you enter through the ‘dewy path’ past a garden. You will see a lounge with a counter. Each element serves to prepare you for the change from outside to inside. To the back, you can see a curtain beyond which you take off your shoes, and the cares of your day. This is the prologue to your experiencing the special esthetic world of the Japanese tea ceremony.

Infinity in small spaces

The standard room is eleven square meters. The ceilings are low, and the light which enters the windows is kept at a minimum. From the facilities to the amenities, the unnecessary is stripped away in an ascetic minimalistic design. Just as the tea master removes all that might distract from his hospitality, our concept is one of heartfelt tea room communication. As the proximity of the tearoom invites sincere reflection and discussion, so does sharing a tatami mat room, or lying on futons. A visit will naturally invite a more personal experience.

Experiencing traditional Japanese interior culture

A unique room culture developed from the efforts to create the greatest effect from a limited amount of space. By the filtering of light and the sense of depth created by the use of hand made sliding doors, a limited amount of space could suggest an area much larger. A small pocket garden could soften the border between outside and inside. Flower arrangements bring inside a sense of the season. You can notice the many careful decisions made to add to the experience. The tatami mats are the brilliant way a Japanese room can change in an instant from a living room to a bed room simply by putting out, or shutting away the futons.

Our sincere desire to please

We want your visit to be like no other. Our staff, like a tea host, endeavor to understand you and your needs. We can introduce you to tea culture, or Japanese culture, act as a local guide, and hopefully serve as a trusted friend. Our staff live in the neighborhood, and are steeped in the local culture. It is our wish that we can aid you in making this a unique, memorable experience.

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