Just as one crawls through the entrance to a tea hut,
you will find yourself naturally bowing to enter your room.
You will find the calm simplicity of a Japanese tea room where you stay.

Just as in the traditional tea room, the sensibilities have been honed. This is the quiet subtlety the tea esthetic. The compactness of the rooms are made to feel larger by the use of screens and plantings and simple elements which help to create an expansive feel to the rooms. Pools of light purposefully separate areas, creating a sense of distance. The floors are tatami mats. Put your futon out on the tatami when you are ready to sleep, and put them away when you awaken and are ready to use the room in a different way.

The craftsmanship which can be seen in the woven cedar strips of the ceiling are traditionally used in tea huts.

The gentle light emitted through the hand made paper screens make for a pleasant morning’s awakening.

Rock scape gardens are used in the place of brightly colored flowerbeds, in order to promote a quietude in the rooms, and create the illusion of distant vistas.

You enter your room from a darkened hallway through a low tea room door. The entrance is 67 centimeters high. The reason for this concept is for the experience to serve as a psychological return to the womb.

Room type

Cyashitsu Suite_20-23m²

You can experience the culture of room flexibility. The two room suites can be opened up by opening the sliding doors or raising the bamboo screens. It is worth enjoying the art which can be enjoyed in the sliding doors or the small screen panels. The suite includes a powder room shower and toilet for your convenience.

Size: 20.19-23.48m²
Cyashitsu Suite_Fusuma: Capacity 1-4people
Cyashitsu Suite_Den: Capacity 1-4people
Cyashitsu Suite_Sugi: Capacity 1-3people
Floor: Fusuma・Den 2-3F, Sugi 4F

Cyashitsu Asakusa_11m²

Recommended for a single traveller couple or friends. The rooms are the most authentic tea room experience. As tea culture proscribes, all unnecessary elements are stripped away to the esthetic essentials. Powder room, shower, toilet adjoining.

Size: 11.86m²
Capacity: 1 people
Floor: 4F


Shared toilet facilities. Recommended for a single traveller, couple or friends. The rooms are the most authentic tea room experience. As tea culture proscribes, all uncessary elements are stripped away to the esthetic essentials. Reserve your time in the rooftop open bath, or a shower any time.
*Shared toilet facilities.

Size: 9.22-10.25m²
Capacity: 1-2 people
Floor: 5F

Ofuro Suite_9-10m²

You can enjoy the view of the Asakusa neighborhood, all the way to the Sky Tree tower. The bath is outdoors, and you can sense the open air and the greenery of the city. The Japanese bath and tea room are both part of the experience.
*Shared toilet facilities.

Size: 10.3m²
Capacity: 1-2 people
Floor: 6F

Outdoor bath reservations & shower

The sixth floor bath is situated so that you can enjoy a view of the neighborhood and the Sky Tree tower. Instead of walls, the fragrant cypress bath is surrounded by garden greenery. You can reserve an hour at the first floor lounge.
*The sixth floor shower room is shared, and can be used without reservations.


Breakfasts can be had in your room or in the lounge. It is the tea master’s breakfast which consists of steamed rice, a soup, and a vegetable. At night, sake and nibbles are available at the lounge.

Dinner course is served in another building in the Asakusa area of "Cyashitsu Nigou". You can see the Sky Tree there.In this plan, you can enjoy two types of sukiyaki with the finest Matsusaka beef ordered from Mie Prefecture,and also enjoy small sushi in a small bowl.
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Also the neighborhood has a wide selection of exciting restaurans.We would like to encourage you to enjoy the quality and variety that is available in such proximity.The staff in the first floor lounge would love to give you recommendations.

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