Dinner course of sukiyaki and small bowl sushi
at Cyashitsu Nigou asakusa

This is a luxurious course where you can enjoy beef in two ways: sukiyaki and shabu-shabu.

We only use high-quality Matsusaka beef ordered from the production area.Our staff will grill each piece of meat in front of you with all our heart, seasoning it with a sweet sauce.

This is our most popular course, which is widely satisfied by both tourists and foreigners who come to Asakusa.

* If possible, we will accommodate other menus for those with seafood allergies or foods they dislike.

* Please contact us if you are vegan.

Dinner course

sukiyaki course

- 3 types of sushi (in a small bowl or masu)

Tuna marinated in soy sauce

Roasted scallops with onion carrot ponzu

Sea bream marinated in sesame soy sauce

- Dobin-mushi

steamed seafood with Dashi ,include oysters, scallops, shrimp etc

- Matsusaka beef sukiyaki

The staff will grill it in front of you and serve it to you.

- Matsusaka beef shabu-shabu

Shabsky, which also appears in famous japanese gourmet manga "Oishinbo", has been made into a Cyashitsu Nigou style.Please enjoy the plum flavor and top-grade dried bonito sauce.

- Grated yam rice or udon

Use the soup stock with the umami flavor of Matsusaka beef and enjoy it with grated yam rice or udon noodles.

- Dessert

*The contents of the dishes may change slightly depending on the purchase situation and season. note that.

Special points


We only use high-quality Matsusaka beef ordered from the production area. The beef with sweet marbling melts in your mouth.

Overseas, there is not much fatty beef, and we often receive compliments such as ``amazing!'' after experiencing it for the first time.


We only use "Ichiban Dashi", which is selected by a soup stock specialty restaurant and uses the highest quality Rausu kelp and dried bonito flakes, for our soup stock.

By not boiling the meat too much and letting it cook at a good temperature, it won't become tough and the refined sweetness of the meat will fill your mouth.

umami soup

Cyashitsu Nigou's specialty Dobin-mushi.

Raw ingredients are placed in a steamer and steamed for over 10 minutes in a small clay pot to concentrate the flavor.

It is a masterpiece that allows you to enjoy the essence of the ingredients with such strong umami flavor that some people say, "You can drink alcohol with the dashi soup."

Drink menu


- craft beer

330ml / ¥1,100
473ml / ¥1,300

- natural wine(red/white)


- japanese sake



- orange juice


- coffee


- roasted tea


Inside of Cyashitsu Nigou

exterior of cyashitu nigou


Introspection of cyashitu nigou

1F seats at the bar

Tatami room

2F Tatami room

The 1st floor has 6 seats at the counter, and the 2nd floor is a Japanese-style room with tatami mats.

In the tatami room (Japanese-style room with tatami mats) on the second floor, you can enjoy your meal while looking at the Tokyo Sky Tree.

The second floor can accommodate 2 to 8 people.

Regarding the use of private rooms and private rooms

The dishes are provided for 4 groups per day only. (2 to 8 people).

For 6 to 8 people, you can reserve the tatami room on the 2nd floor and use it as a private room.


Cyashitsu Nigou

1-29-11 Asakusa Taito-ku Tokyo 111-0032


Hours:17:30-21:30(Last entry 20:00)

Telephone: +81-3-6284-7575

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